True Love

Once upon a time there was a girl who left her husband in search of true love. She was a lost girl who did not know what love really was. She broke her husband’s heart. She loved him like a brother she told him. But she longed for something more, romantic love, passion.

Many years have passed and she is still alone. She never found true love. She met alot of assholes along the way.

The only man that truly loved her the way she needed to be loved was her ex-husband whom she left in search of something more, which she never found.

What did she learn? Life is not like in the movies. She will never know the kind of love she dreamt of. She realizes now that true love is not about sex and romance. True love is about someone who loves you deeply and unconditionally and would do anything for you. It is about loyalty. It is not about being incredibly attracted to the person and having great sex. It is about loving each other’s soul. It is about being there for each other. It is about sacrifices and taking care of each other. It is about kindness and compassion.

Finding a good man is not easy. She found one once and gave him up. She did not know what she had. If there is such a thing as karma, she has reaped hers.


I Am Drowning

FB_IMG_1491519203454“I finally made it to the top without drowning. I can breathe now. As I look around though, I see everyone else is drowning too. I try to save them but they all start trying to hold onto me. I feel myself going down again.

I cannot let this happen. I must save myself first. I must swim to the boat. They need to learn to swim. They are like a child who is holding onto their parent and is afraid to let go. Do not worry. I will not let you drown. I will throw you a life jacket before that happens.”

This is an allegorical story I wrote to explain how it feels when you are trying to solve everyone else’s problems. You cannot help everyone. You must help yourself first. Only then will you have the strength to help others. If someone is pulling you down in life, separate yourself from them. For only they can help themselves.